UV Printing – modern kitchens, buildings, industry

It’s not sticker on material, We print straight on it. Looks better and is more durable – That’s why!

Glass – UV printing on transparent glass panel (optiwhite, float) 4 mm or 6 mm thickness.

– photo realistic reflection of the image (1440x1440dpi).
– large palette of colors (assuming a 7 color printing).
– low cost of production if we compare to screen printing.
– short time needed to be printed.
– ability to production from only 1 pcs.

Aluminium Composite – Dibond, Tubond, Etalbond, Starbound, Plafond etc.
– easy to forming and bending.
– high stiffness.
– high resistance to weathering.
– processing using standard tools.
– easy and hassle-free installation.

Foamex PVC Boards
– low weight.
– very low water absorption.
– resistance to corrosion and chemicals.
– soundproofing.
– excellent for printing, varnishing.

Printing technology on 7 color machine Agfa Anapurna guarantees photorealistic color reproduction, high resistance to ultraviolet and much longer exposure.

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